Beautiful Buford Georgia. On a hot June Friday. It’s about 6:30 by the time you get to the room. You went home to shower and eat first. You knock on the door. I let you in and give you a hug.
“Daddy has missed you.”
“Missed you too, Daddy.”
The transformation was easy. No, far from being your Daddy in real life. Much better really. A naughty Daddy who knows just what you want. And need.
“You must be tired. We can take a nap for a while.”
“No Daddy, not tired. I’m a big girl now. Lets watch a movie.”
“Well, I thought we could lie down. Have some fun like we did last time.”
“But Daddy, you said what we did was wrong. That we couldn’t play that way anymore. Or talk about it even.”
“I know that’s what I said and it’s true. It is very naughty. But as long as it is our little secret … “
“Of course Daddy. Who would I tell? No one understands me like you do. I’ve been practicing Daddy. I think you can, you know, get it inside me this time.”
“Practicing? With who?”
“No one, silly Daddy, they have toys for that you know.”
“Oh I know but I didn’t think you knew.”
“I know lots of things Daddy. You know I’m a little slut.”
“Yes, you are but now you are only my slut.”
“Only yours Daddy. Only yours. May I suck your you-know-what again? I’ve been practicing that too with a banana. It gets me so wet Daddy.”
“It’s a cock, princess. And maybe you can later. If you’ll lie down with me first. Lets get into our pajamas first. Take your bra off this time.”
“Oh no Daddy. Please don’t make me. My top is so big now and my nipples get hard. It’s embarrassing.”
“Well, keep your top on.”
“Ha. That won’t help much Daddy. They are hard now. Please stop staring.”
“Maybe they are hard because they need to be sucked.”
“Silly Daddy. There is no milk in them unless there is a baby to feed. Everyone knows that.”
“But it feels good. Most women think so. Go get changed in the bathroom and I’ll make it as dark as I can in the room.”
“Do you promise I can suck your cock if I do? That sounds so dirty Daddy.”
“It all depends on where you are and what company you are in. You can be a dirty little slut with Daddy. As long as we are alone.”
“Ok Daddy, I’ll go change. Did you bring the snowmen PJs?”
“No, the Izod ones. The snowmen are too warm for summer.”
You go change into your pajamas and climb into bed with Daddy. You snuggle up to my chest and grab my cock through the pajamas. It was already getting hard but soon rock hard.”
“May I suck it Daddy?”
“Not so fast baby girl.”
You whine with that fake cry that makes me smile.
“We’ve got all weekend. I just want to touch you for a while through your clothes.”
“That gets me so hot Daddy. Will you lick me again down there Daddy? I promise not to be a baby like last time. It did feel good Daddy. Better than anything really. My finger has been Daddy’s tongue almost every night. It’s bad that I do that every night and morning Daddy. I can’t stop. There are some days when I have all day alone that I just rub myself raw.”
“I’m sure you need a spanking but I think I’ll save it until after the cock sucking. You know how I told you Daddy gets full of the baby stuff and it hurts when it doesn’t come out?”
“Yes! The creamy Daddy juice I love more than anything. Please let me make you happy Daddy. Please?”
“Soon. If you’ll promise not to be a baby when I suck your nipples.”
“Tomorrow Daddy. Can we do that tomorrow? They are so big and ugly.”
“Who told you that?”
“A boy, Daddy, Justin. He looked down my shirt and called me a cow for weeks.”
“He’s an idiot. Women pay lots of money to get them as big as yours. Enough of this. I’m unbuttoning your top now.”
“Ok Daddy, just don’t look.”
“Here, let me tie this scarf around your eyes and you can pretend like you are a captured princess. Might help you relax. Then later I’ll take it off so you can suck Daddy’s big cock.”